State of ARRT 2017

What a white knuckle roller-coaster ride 2016 has been. Every heart pounding drop (Pulse nightclub), hair pin turn (death of Prince), and vertical loop (election of Trump) took us to a different place emotionally. By rides end, we’re able to catch our breath and marvel at the awesome journey it has been.  Some have pinged 2016 as the worst year ever, though this is largely due to the high number of celebrity deaths over the past 12 months (Sidebar: if the death of a few public figures impacts your life to the point where you’re proclaiming it the worst year ever then you have a pretty good life, but I digress). Any way you slice it, this year has been one for the books. Through births and deaths, openings and closings, the ebb and flow of time keeps running. The demarcation of 12 am January 1st wipes our slate clean and gives us a renewed sense of purpose as we waltz into the New Year.

What is it about January 1st that compels folks to hit the reset button? I mean, you could have easily renewed that gym membership back in July, right? Or submitted that grant application in September? Presumably, the beginning of a new calendar year allows us to take stock of where we’ve been and map a course for the future. Examine goals that were hit in 2016 and those that were not attained. Analyze what caused the failures and regroup and attack those goals from a different perspective. With that said, the AOS collective hopes to posit itself as the definitive cultural (mainstream and underground) commentators for 2017 and beyond. 2016 was the warm-up. 2017 is game time!

What exactly do we have up our collective sleeves for 2017? New and exciting site content along with community events are right around the corner. “Is that it? Can’t you guys fill us in on the details??” In time everything will unfold…in time. For now, we put our heads down and get cracking on securing the foundation for this glorious house. A house filled with music, spirited conversation, witty banter, and love.  Most important of all, it will have community. Community is what drives this enterprise and fuels the topics we debate, the music we listen to, and the ideas that inspire us. First and foremost, this is a collective that not only includes the principal business partners, but our “family” in the community as well. You guys will help us achieve a new plateau of achievements for the current calendar year. Bigger. Better. Stronger.

The outlook for me, you, and ARRT Official Society going forward into 2017 will be rife with infinite possibilities. The dominoes have been set up. Only thing to do now is knock ‘em down. When the dust settles at the end of the year, we’ll take a look back with pride and marvel at our numerous accomplishments. That, of course, is not a cue to rest on our laurels though. On the contrary. Achieving success only means more work, more sweat, more hours.  Completion of goals entails maintaining your current status and also pushing ahead to the next plateau. What will our 2017 wrap-up post entail? Only time will tell. For now, it’s essential that we batten down the hatches, strap up our boots and, most important of all, enjoy the journey.