Dear America (An open letter to the 61,943,670 Americans who voted to “Make America Great Again”)

Congratulations ladies and gentleman! You performed your civic duty and restored God to a God-less nation. The decommissioned warship 2nd Amendment, which lay at the bottom of a fathomless ocean floor for the past 8 years, can now be pulled from its murky depths and set sail once again. Liberals, surviving strictly on government handouts for the past decade, will be forced to go out and get jobs like the rest of us hardworking Americans. Muslims, no longer can you build your mosques (aka terrorist training facilities) in our upstanding, God-fearing communities. Our Founding Fathers, in all their pious benevolence, intended for this great republic to be a Christian nation and, by jove, that’s what we’ll be! U-S-A! U-S-A! #bluelivesmatter #alllivesmatter

**We now return to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress**

It has been more than two weeks after one of the most contentious presidential elections in recent memory and a sense of social upheaval still hangs thick in the air. As president-elect Donald J. Trump embarks on his new job as the head of the most powerful nation on Earth, We the People, of the United States of America, prepare for an administration that is bound to impact our lives significantly, for better…or worse. As the political pendulum swings sharply to the far right, those on the left feel as if they are on the front lines of an all-out war without any protective armor. “The silent majority” spoke loud and clear at the polls and elected a candidate who represents their heartland values; a strong intolerance for groups that are a threat to the status quo (Black Lives Matter, gays, Mexicans, “Godless” liberals, Muslims, etc.). The looming Trump administration symbolizes a last ray of hope for many in rural white America who believe the rapidly changing demographics in this country represent a death knell to all they hold near and dear, a threat to their very survival as a nation and a race.


This has been the clarion call of many conservatives in response to the wave of anti-Trump protests that sprung up across the country post-election. “Let’s come together and work towards common goals.” Before talks of unification can commence, there must be common goals shared by both sides. What common goals do I share with someone who supports stop-and-frisk (the practice of police, at their discretion, randomly detaining and frisking citizens who happen to be largely Latino and black)? What common goals do I share with a group of people who have branded a movement for social justice (#blacklivesmatter) a “terrorist organization?” What common goals do I share with people who have a large disdain for Islam and Muslims and believes they are a threat to the sanctity of white, Christian America? What common goals do I share with folks who, in response to multiple shootings of unarmed African-American men, declare “well, if you obey the law, you have nothing to worry about.” What common ground to I have with people who think a black teenager deserved to die simply because he was defending himself? Lastly, what common ground do I have with a mass of people who donated money to a Go Fund Me page for Mike Brown’s killer, Officer Darren Wilson? You see, the agenda pushed at Trump rallies (soon to be adopted by his cabinet) is detrimental to, not only my well-being, but that of millions of other Americans.

Until my humanity, as well as the humanity of other historically oppressed groups, is recognized and  honored, all hollow talk of unity and solidarity will fall on deaf ears. It’s quite easy to support discriminatory legislation when it doesn’t adversely affect you or your loved ones. Your actions are clearly not in concert with your words. You say you don’t “see race” but label inner city violence as a “black” problem and not an American problem. You tout the Constitution as a sacred, infallible document while trampling over the same rights that document affords all Americans. We will display the same spirit of cooperation and harmony that you afforded President Obama over the last 8 years.  You lambasted him and the First Lady for matters that are trivial (“There they go again, vacationing on our tax dollars”) to the absurd (“Barack is conspiring with his Muslim brethren to bring about Sharia law in the United States.”).

Politics, by definition, is a divisive activity. It is quite naive for anyone to believe that a political candidate can “unify the country.” There are far too many polarizing issues (same-sex marriage, abortion, race, etc.) that we as Americans , no matter our party affiliation, declare to be non-negotiable. However, who thought that ideals like liberty, justice, and freedom would be open to interpretation? What happens when your idea of justice infringes on my own? And what’s with touting the Constitution as a holy, sacred and infallible document? The fact that it is a living document (27 amendments and counting) proves that the laws and by-laws the Founding Fathers laid forth are not written in stone. Make America Great Again huh? When was it last great? What qualifying event spelled an end to the initial era of greatness? For some, this nation was never great and they see this catchphrase as the not-so-subtle racist mantra that is.

…with liberty and justice for some.