About us

Arrt Official Society (AOS) was conceived in 2013 as a vehicle for showcasing and cultivating talent from across the creative spectrum; a virtual and physical platform allowing gifted people from disparate backgrounds and walks of life to coalesce into a single community. A grass roots movement that seeks to be greater than the sum of its parts. We could say we’re “cutting edge” or “game changers” but that sounds hackneyed and clichéd. At our core, we are simply humanists i.e. having great concern for human welfare, values, and dignity. Our hope is that this movement will inspire a host of others to follow our lead and make changes in their community via their gifts.

What is ARRT? Is it a bombed out subway car in early 80’s South Bronx? Or perhaps a Franciscan painting in Medieval Italy? ARRT is us. ARRT is YOU. To be precise, we are the Artistic Renaissance of Revolutionary Thought. We want to take what is innate in you and share it with the world, via our website, record label, and community events. The more varied our contributors are, the better. AOS is a microcosm of the world and we feel our partners and contributors should be a reflection of that.

Whether it is through music, poetry, painting, dancing, writing, etc., we want to be the conduit to channel your talent to the world at large. A mutually beneficial partnership where we all grow together and learn valuable lessons along the way. Open hearts and open minds are the key ingredients in this cornucopia of artistic brilliance. We hope to be the vanguard in presenting fresh and innovative talent to not only the DMV but the entire creative underground worldwide.