Wipe Your Feet Really Good On The Rhythm Rug

Kool-Aid Man

Beginnings are always exciting. A newborn taking its first breath. The ribbon cutting at the grand opening of a new business. Signing the title on a new home. Writing your first fluff piece for a new website. Like the cycle of life, beginnings are often preceded by endings. From the ashes of those endings, new life springs forth to replace the entity that came before it. An improved model: Bigger. Better. Sexier. Smarter.  That, in a nutshell, describes this movement we call ARRT Official Society.

Carving out my own section of the AOS galaxy, Khalil’s Corner will feature the demented rantings of America’s favorite paradox. The topics covered will run the gamut from ruminations on the presidential race to the average hours of sleep one is deprived of when your cat is in heat. You will get to know me (for better or worse, mostly worse) through my postings here. Hopefully they will inspire you…to read beyond the headline. Alright, enough with the self-deprecating, ill-advised attempts at humor.

Khalil’s Corner is an interactive blog so please feel free to share with me your thoughts on my rantings. In fact, you can start right now by giving me your opinion on this most informative introductory post (using an Elmer’s Glitter Glue Stick, circle the item below that most closely corresponds to your stance):

In between these stream of consciousness scribblings, I hope you will find golden nuggets of wis(dumb) liberally dispersed throughout. I’m pretty sure somewhere up there *points right index finger at cranium* there’s something worth sharing with the world at large. If you feelin’ the kid, holla back in the comments section. If you not feelin’ the kid, feel free to post that as well (reminder to only use pre-Reconstruction era racial epithets). If you’ve made it this far in the blog, I tip my hat to you and extend an invitation to check me out every week for fresh morsels from the “soul kitchen” *points right index finger at cranium*. Who knows, by this time next year I may somewhat resemble a writer, which will induce you to, you know, share this site with a friend [hint hint]. OK, I’ll stop talking to myself now, thus saving you precious time and bandwidth. In closing, I will quote the great 20th century poet, Fozzie Bear;

“Wocka Wocka Wocka”